The JLENS aerostat system: Coming to the DC region in September 2013

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Image from Skywatchdc

Skywatchdc is committed to publicizing the planned deployment of Raytheon’s JLENS aerostat system by the U.S. Army to the Aberdeen Proving Ground on Maryland’s east coast in September 2013. In pursuit of that goal, Skywatchdc wrote a final report summarizing the materials that have been shared through our website, social media, poster and brochure, and video. Please follow the link below to our report.

Skywatchdc Final Report

To help with the visualization of a 341 mile radar range from 10,000 feet above the Aberdeen Proving Ground, we have adapted the following map from Google Maps.

Image from Google Maps

Image from Google Maps


A Video from Skywatchdc


Skywatchdc has created an informational video combining our research on the JLENS aerostat technology, images and video, and the interview with Dr. Tom Crouch from the National Air and Space Museum to provide an overview of the technology, the historical perspective, and the possible citizen concerns.