Putting JLENS in Perspective

JLENS and People

Image from PRNewswire

Do you hear the numbers 243 feet and 74 meters and can’t visualize how large that actually is?  Here are some things that are similarly sized.

Goodyear Blimo

Image from Autoblog


The new Goodyear blimp, which will be a semi-rigid airship with an internal frame in the new iteration and is currently under construction, will be 246 feet, 3 feet longer than a JLENS aerostat (and 50 feet longer than the previous blimp).



Image from Reuters

Image from Reuters


A kunafa pastry made in Nablus in 2009 by Palestinian bakers out of vermicelli, syrup, and cheese and submitted for review to the Guinness Book of World Records was 74 meters long or 243 feet.




The Kaga Kannon statue of Kaga (Guanyin), a bodhisvatta, in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, stands at 73 meters or 240 feet tall, just three feet shorter than a JLENS aerostat.



Image from the German Federal Archive

Image from the German Federal Archive



The men’s world record discus throw as recognized by the International Association of Athletic Federations, held by Jurgen Schult of East Germany, is 74.08 meters (approx. 243 feet).

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