Q & A: Comparing JLENS to Drones

During our poster session we were asked why JLENS was better than drone surveillance (our classmates at Ctrl+F may also have some opinions to share). As you may know, Skywatchdc is a non-partisan organization, so we’ll provide some information and let you do the deciding. Let’s just do a quick comparison of 6 facts about each technology:

Global Hawk

Image from the U.S. Air Force


Image from Defense Update

Image from Defense Update


  • Stays in the air for 30 days at a time without refueling (uses nonflammable helium gas)
  • JLENS systems do not require ‘pilots’, only analysts.
  • Total program cost of $450 million
  • No publicized plans on weaponization of technology
  • Huge payload capacity for more sensitive surveillance and communications technologies
  • Stationary blimp has surveillance range of 341 miles.

These facts are simply not enough for us to draw any conclusions as each technology serves a very different purpose. When concerned only with domestic surveillance capabilities, JLENS presents a more affordable and more environmentally sustainable solution for ranges that can easily include entire metro areas. Because it can monitor objects in every direction for 30 days at a time and does not include weaponized payloads, it may prove to be more palatable to the general public as a ‘necessary’ defense surveillance technology. In combat zones, however, drones offer a multitude of defensive and offensive possibilites that JLENS cannot. Join the debate and let us know what you think on twitter (@skywatchdc).

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